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Compresssor Guard 24 Screen Assortment

partnr: 10547
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Product information

New or reconditioned compressors are regularly damaged by metal shavings or dirt particles left in an air conditioning system. A simple screen in the suction line of the new compressor can prevent this from happening.

Easy to install without cutting lines.

This means no chance of leakage. Is installed by means of a simple hand press and removed using a special puller.

Recommended by several Automotive OEM's.


Screen 11.96 mm. 0.471’’ BD K5    10516
Screen 12.95 mm. 0.510’’ BD K5    10041   
Screen 13.23 mm. 0.521’’ BD K5    10517
Screen 13.49 mm. 0.531’’ BD K5    10512
Screen 13.67 mm. 0.538’’ BD K5    10513
Screen 14.02 mm. 0.552’’ BD K5    10043   
Screen 15.11 mm. 0.595’’ BD K5    10042
Screen 15.70 mm. 0.618’’ BD K5    10514