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Burgaclip repair

Unicorn offers many different Burgaclip fittings. These fittings are specified by fitting size and the hose size. We offer fittings with a service valve for R134a, splicers to connect multiple hoses and fittings with connections for compressors. To assemble the Burgaclip fittings you need Burgaclip manual mounting pliers. The pliers seal the clamps correctly to the hose. The blue clamp cage helps seal the clamps at the correct place.

Below you can find a menu for every type of Burgaclip fitting, we sell. By clicking on the menu, you will find the offered sizes. All fittings are meant for reduced barrier hoses

Elaboration fitting and hose sizes

Fitting sizes Thread and measured outer thread Hose sizes Inner diameter
#06 5/8"-18UNF   avg. 15,88mm #06 5/16" of 8mm
#08 3/4"-16UNF   avg. 19,05mm #08 13/32" of 10mm
#10 7/8"-14UNF   avg. 22,23mm #10 1/2" of 13mm
#12 1 1/16"-4UNF avg. 26,99mm #12 5/8" of 16mm