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UV Dye t-line 250 ml. 50 A/C appl. EN

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Product information

The introduction of R-1234YF as well as the ever increasing presence of hybrid and electric vehicles has shaken up the small world of suppliers of automotive a/c additives.

The less stable R-1234YF molecule (that is the reason it has less of an impact on the environment) is sensitive to added chemicals in a system. For this reason it is extremely important to use compatible and safe lubricants and additives.

In the past we were offering specific UV leak detection additives for R-134a, R-1234YF, standard, electric and hybrid vehicle applications.

This was confusing for both our customers, and for our warehouse.

For this reason we have totally re-engineered our most popular UV additive which now is effective, and safe to use in all (automotive) a/c applications. So for both R-134a and R-1234YF refrigerants as well as standard, hybrid and electric vehicles.

The dye comes in a 250 ml easy dose bottle, and still uses only 5 mil of product per (automotive a/c) application.

Easy to use, safe to use.