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Vacuum pump t-line 226 lpm (8 cfm)

partnr: 13586
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Product information

Under the t-line brand, there is a comprehensive line of vacuum pumps available. From 42 liters to no less than 283 liters per minute!

All t-line vacuum pumps are of a two-stage design. The t-line vacuum pumps are suitable for 220 volts. 

In addition to the t-line series you will find three more special pumps in our program:

1. Part Number 14893: A unique 24 volt DC power vacuum pump. Super handy for use "on the go"; If you only have battery power available. (Agricultural mechanization, transport cooling). Additionally, this 24VDC pump is often used in earthmoving machines ... to drain hydraulic systems.

2. Part Number 15644: Suitable for industry and / or mass production. A heavy industry vacuum pump up to 474 liters per minute.