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Nitrogen Pressure Test Set t-line for R-134a systems

partnr: 13715
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Product information

The t-line single valve nitrogen pressure test set allows for a very quick and reliable nitrogen pressure test on an automotive R-134a air conditioning system.
The large single gauge (80mm @ 1% accuracy) reads easily and accurately. The red dial pointer makes pressure drop a “no-brainer”.

The unit has three positions:

1)    Allow nitrogen pressure to enter
2)    Monitor pressure decay (or stability)
3)    Release nitrogen pressure to atmosphere

By manually positioning the red pointer over the regulated pressure, a pressure decay is easily monitored.

The unique one-gauge set up allows for easy reading of both the high and low pressure sides in one glance.

The release damper makes the release safe and noiseless.

Scope of supply:
•    Single gauge manifold set with ball valve
•    80 mm (1%) gauge with red secondary pointer
•    One 1.5 mtr red service hose with HP quick connect
•    One 1.5 mtr blue service hose with LP quick connect
•    One 1.5 mtr yellow service hose for connection to 
    nitrogen regulator (1/4”SAE – 7/16-20UNF connection)