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The people behind Unicorn: passionate about refrigeration technology

When Unicorn started with the sales and servicing of recovery and recycling machines for the collection and reuse of refrigerants in 1991, expertise in this field was still very limited. Safety and environmental issues did not yet play a meaningful role and the development of specialist equipment was still in its infancy.

Given its technical interest, Unicorn took the first steps in this still uncharted territory. Over 25 years later, we can justifiably claim to be a ‘specialist in refrigeration, recovery, recycling and reclaiming  technology’. For refrigeration installations of all sizes and any kind of ‘mobile refrigeration system’, whether it drives, sails, flies or is stuck to concrete.

Safety and the environment

Health and safety and environmental concerns are hot topics in the HVAC&R industry these days. Legislation and regulations demand that you be truly committed rather than simply making empty gestures. Highly qualified professionals work for workshops and HVAC&R contractors and Unicorn supplies the equipment and tools on which they rely.


The quality of our products and services hinges on the team behind Unicorn. Each technician is passionate about refrigeration technology and possesses an affinity for service. The result is reflected in the machines and products we supply, coupled with our professional advice and technical support. The people behind Unicorn make a difference every day and they take pleasure in doing so.


You can find and order products directly from our extensive range on this website. We would be happy to discuss which technical option would benefit your company best. Because a passion for technology creates a bond and we would be happy to demonstrate that in a personal encounter.


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