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Unicorn: your specialist in service equipment and tools for the HVAC&R industry

Naturally, you purchase air-conditioning and refrigeration systems from a specialist. So why not opt for a specialist for the right tools and equipment for installation, servicing and repairs as well?

Unicorn has been supplying quality custom products to both the automotive sector and the HVAC&R industry for over 25 years now. We operate in the Netherlands and beyond, including the provision of expert advice and impeccable aftersales support and service.



Your clients are completely dependent on trouble-free operation of HVAC systems for their core business. Whether it is a simple A/C, heat pump or cold water chiller, or refrigeration apparatus in a large refrigeration or cold storage facility. If equipment breaks down or is non-operational, it means a significant financial loss for your client on top of the repair costs.

Quality means continuity

To protect your clients against this happening, Unicorn provides high quality servicing equipment and tools that are indispensable to contractors. Opting for quality means trouble-free continuity for your clients.

Custom equipment

Unicorn supplies the very best that the refrigeration technology market has to offer in terms of innovative tools and equipment, and if what you are looking for does not exist, we simply build it ourselves. Take our custom equipment and our custom service hoses for instance, which we make in any length desired and with whatever fittings needed.


We know our way around the professional refrigeration sector, on any scale, better than anyone. Our website lists relevant refrigeration products. We would be happy to advise you on the best choice for your company. The same applies to selecting the appropriate technical training courses for your technicians.

High quality refrigeration equipment

Our tools and equipment are specifically designed and selected for the exact refrigeration systems you install and service. Thus, they greatly contribute to your turnover and your clients’ satisfaction levels. Unicorn supplies innovative recovery and recycling machines for the collection and reuse of refrigerants, which have proven their worth in practice. We enable you to provide optimal service for your clients while respecting the environment at the same time.


We supply the products you need and offer added value with our qualified professionals who provide impeccable aftersales service with their wealth of experience and and up-to-date knowledge of refrigeration technology and regulations. Naturally, we offer you the same excellent service that you offer your clients in turn.



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