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Custom solutions for refrigeration technology equipment and tools

Our website is “priceless”- in that we do not list prices here. We will devise the optimal package for your application(s) in consultation with you.
The optimal choice in service tools and equipment  depends on various factors, such as the size of the refrigeration installations you service, for which type refrigeration systems you require the tools, equipment and auxiliary materials, how often you use them, and for which refrigerants they are intended.

Sustainable investment
At Unicorn, you are assured of professional expertise and custom advice. This means the tools and equipment in which you invest will last for years. That way, you never sell yourself short, neither do you over extend yourself. You never miss the mark, neither do you pay for something you do not need. And in the case of a fault, you usually need not replace an entire tool or piece of equipment, because we offer a wide range of replacement parts.