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Nitrogen/Hydrogen Leak Detector Kit complete for R-1234YF systems

partnr: 14384
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Product information

In order to make your leak detection choices easier and more efficient; we assembled a complete “turn key” “forming gas” leak detection kit. “Forming gas” is a special leak detection gas mixture. It is a mixture of 95% Nitrogen and 5% Hydrogen.

Because hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the periodic table of elements; it also is the quickest to “leak out”. When we then use our D-640 special leak detector; you will for sure find the smallest leak in a heartbeat!

To make life easier on you, we established two part numbers (one for R-134a systems and one for HFO-1234-YF systems) that will allow you to get a jump start on chasing leaks.

Our packages consist of:
•    Proven and durable cart to easily wheel around the 10 ltr pressurized gas cylinder
•    Easy to use and safe N2/H2 pressure regulator (0-28bar) with Left Hand thread.
•    Comfortable and accurate pressure test manifold with 3 way ball valve. The use of a red static pointer allow you to visually see pressure drop on this 1% accurate gauge
•    Convenient and safe hose between regulator and manifold
•    Hose set (blue and red) for R-134a systems (in set 13471)
•    Hose set (blue and red) for HFO-1234-YF systems (in set 14384)
•    Dedicated H2/N2 electronic leak detector D-640

Happy testing!