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Leak detector Inficon GAS-Mate

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Leak detector Inficon GAS-Mate

Product information

A leak detector especially designed for systems containing combustible gasses: such as methane (R50), propane (R290), isobutane (R600a), R441a, ammonia (R717), formeergas. Automatical zeroing for atmospheric gasses. Certified to work safely with in spaces with combustible gasses.

Refrigerants and gasses

Propane (R290), iso-butane (R600a), R441a, forming gas (95N/5H), natural gas, methane, ammonia, and more

Application Gas stove, hot water tank, residential applications and even automotive applications
Battery type 2 "D" cell batteries, use Duracell® MN1300 to maintain intrinsically safe safe approval. Battery life:
  ~ 25 hours
Supplied carrying case includes GAS-Mate leak detector, sensor, 2 "D" cell batteries
Minimum sensitivity

5 ppm: methane, R290 (propane), R600a (iso-butane), hydrogen (for example in forming gas)

1 ppm: gasoline

Certifications Intrinsically Safe for Class I, Division I, Groups A-D, T4 and II 3G Ex nA nL IIC T4 X as per MET Laboraties Listing #E112145
Weight 0.70 kg.
Length probe 38 cm.