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Vacuum pump 2-stage - 113 lpm 4.0 CFM

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Vacuum pump 2-stage - 113 lpm 4.0 CFM

Product information

This vacuum pump has a 100% copper coil motor so it has a longer service life.
Built-in thermal and overload protector.
The oil inlet port is located at the bottom which makes the pump work more efficient even with less oil.
Thanks to the solenoid valve there is an automatic anti-reflux for oil.
The gas ballast prevents vapor condensation and thus pollution so the pump and oil lasts longer.
And with the built-in vacuum gauge you can check for leaks or set the vacuum value.

Technical specifications
Flowrate 113 lpm (4.0 CFM) @ 60Hz
100 lpm (3.5 CFM) @ 50Hz
Ultimate vacuum 15 microns
1/2 HP
Inlet port 1/4" SAE
Oil capacity 600 ml
Dimensions 340x132x245 mm
Weight  11 kg