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Adapter HP Extension R1234YF

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Adapter HP Extension R1234YF

Product information

Several later model vehicles have side service ports that have been put away in a little too creative a way. For instance the Volvo S80, where the high side service port has been critically sunken in the radiator shroud. In day-to-day operations, depending on which service coupler you use, the service coupler may, or may not fit over the service port, due to the recess depth.

Even more pronounced is this situation in case of some BMW’s; here the high side service adapter is deeply recessed into the shroud and can not be serviced by common service couplers. Furthermore, many current European Ford models are subject to similar designs.

Recently Jaguar has also come up with a design whereby both the hi and the low side ports are difficult to get to without extender.

To overcome these situations, we have added both hi and lo side “service port extenders” to our range.  Simply use these adapters as a “connecting piece” and off you go!

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