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Vacuum Pump T-line 2.5 cfm 70 lpm 110/220V 1/4''

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Vacuum Pump T-line 2.5 cfm 70 lpm 110/220V 1/4''

Product information

The two stage rotary-vane design improves the ultimate vacuum and pump speed and reduces the evacuation time.
Integrated pump body design ensures the reliability and easy maintenance.
The built-in oil pump recycling design forced-lubricates the pump chamber and sliding bearing and ensures its lubrication and seal.
It's anti-suckback design prevents oil from returning into the system to keep it pure.
The intake filter prevents foreign matter from entering the pump chamber, and the exhaust fitting separates oil vapor from the exhaust flow.
Using of aluminum for the oil housing, trestle and motor cover makes the pump light, metal base ensures the reliability of the pump.
Last but not least the thermal protector in the motor makes the pump run steadily and safely.

Technical specifications
Flowrate 84 lpm (3.0 CFM) @ 60Hz
70 lpm (2.5 CFM) @ 50Hz
Ultimate vacuum 15 microns
1/3 HP
Inlet port 1/4" SAE
Oil capacity 200 ml
Dimensions 318x124x234 mm
Weight  8,5 kg