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Unicorn: your specialist in service equipment and tools for the HVAC&R industry

Naturally, you purchase air-conditioning and refrigeration systems from a specialist. So why not opt for a specialist for the right tools and equipment for installation, servicing and repairs as well?

Unicorn has been supplying quality custom products to both the automotive sector and the HVAC&R industry for over 25 years now. We operate in the Netherlands and beyond, including the provision of expert advice and impeccable aftersales support and service.

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Our products and prices

UNICORN automotive

Do you want a quick quote with prices, delivery times and shipping methods? Would you like to receive a price list of our total product package?

UNICORN refrigeration

Do you want a quick quote with prices, delivery times and shipping methods? Would you like to receive a price list of our total product package?

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Affordable price package!

Introduction Offer Assortment Set t-line deluxe incl. tower

Finally they are there, our completely renewed, more extensive and environmentally conscious sets.

Complete set, including tower:

From €525,00 now €399,00


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Competitively priced quality products vetted and branded

In addition to the various top brands of servicing equipment we carry, we also offer a wide range of products in our own T-line brand. All manufactured according to the most stringent quality and environmental criteria and competitively priced too. From O-rings and repair kits to manifold sets, and from testing kits to vacuum pumps.

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Custom advice

Some trigger happy salespeople try to persuade their clients to buy what they have to sell. Unicorn has a different approach. For us, custom advice starts with listening carefully to your needs and preferences. Our advice is tailored around your requirements. That way, you are always assured of the best tools and equipment for your operational management.

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Active in the refrigeration technology sector?
Train your technicians!

Technical training

In addition to the right tools and equipment, specialist expertise is essential for working responsibly with HVAC&R technology. Not only to guarantee trouble-free operation of air-conditioning systems and refrigeration installations, but also in terms of health and safety and the environment. If necessary, Unicorn can advise you on selecting the appropriate training courses.


Want to know more about training?

We would be happy to guide you on training courses, legislation and regulations.





Unicorn’s service starts well before the sale is closed

Good service is just as important as the purchase of HVAC&R equipment. At Unicorn: everything we sell, we will service. Our highly competent technicians can do this for you mostly on-site, or at our own facility.

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